Pablo Ortiz

Pablo Ortiz Lima

Pablo Ortiz is a fishing engineer by profession and currently works as Head of Sub-directorate of Fisheries at SERNAPESCA headquarters in Valparaiso, he has a solid background as a compliance officer of the national and international fishing fleet where he coordinates and supervises the national fisheries plan, satellite monitoring of vessels and international rules RFMO'S for foreign vessels.  During the year 2019-2020 he did a secondment as Compliance Manager in SPRFMO, actually he has a responsibility to leading of the IUU sub-working group in APEC before joining Sernapesca he has worked as a scientific observer on fishing vessels and fisherman in artisanal vessels.

The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) is a Chilean public body under the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, and whose mission is to monitor compliance with fisheries and aquaculture regulations, provide services to facilitate its proper execution and conduct Effective health management, in order to contribute to the sustainability of the sector and to the protection of hydrobiological resources and their environment.


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